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Unbelievable offer!

Unbelievable offer on Power Publishers Books ... Full Article

Posted: 11/03/2013

Tie up with AABG Publishers

Full Article

Posted: 04/02/2013

Launching Bookstore!

Purushottam Bookstores (a unit of Purushotta ... Full Article

Posted: 11/10/2012
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Education & Reference Books

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Trailokyanather Kathasahitya : Chena Jagat Achena Swad
উনবিংশ শতকের বাংলা উপন্যাসে বিষয়ে-রীতিতে যে সময় বঙ্কিমী প্রভাবই ছিল মুখ্য সেই একই সময়ে বাংলা উপন্..
Rs. 250.00
The Parent’s Journey: From Birth Through Toddlerhood
This book deals with the various aspects of child development in the first few years of lif..
Rs. 290.00 Rs. 264.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Tribal Education
Research in education has been perceived in diverse ways, sometimes in a manner consistent ..
Rs. 250.00
নির্বাচিত অভিলেখের আলোকে প্রাচীন কামরূপের সূর্যোদয় ও মধ্যাহ্ন
Rs. 400.00 Rs. 364.00
A Descriptive Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts of Rajshahi College
Rs. 399.00 Rs. 363.00
Medicinal Plants: Anti-inflammatory and Anti-arthritic Activities
In view the growing incidence of human disorders, like arthritis and rheumatism in recent y..
Rs. 1,800.00 Rs. 1,638.00
Bangala Subhasan Sangraha
Rs. 525.00
Ananya Manishider Jiban Katha
This unique, easy-reading book narrates the fascinating lives of twenty-eight of the most notable..
Rs. 660.00 Rs. 600.00
Introducing the style & techniques of business case study solving
Teaching and learning styles are, by their very nature, changing with the times. In recent years ..
Rs. 456.00 Rs. 415.00
Rs. 225.00 Rs. 205.00
Purushottam's Bright Learners Social Studies 8
Purushottam's Bright Learners Social Studies 8: Every book of the Bright Learners Series seeks to..
Rs. 310.00 Rs. 295.00
Purushottam's Bright Learners Social Studies 7
Purushottam's Bright Learners Social Studies 7: Every book of the Bright Learners Series seeks to..
Rs. 295.00 Rs. 280.00