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Fantastic 40 By Reetwika Banerjee

Fantastic 40
Fantastic 40 Fantastic 40
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Reetwika Banerjee
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“Fantastic 40” is arguably one of India’s first assortment of English micro stories which is an amalgamation of author’s figments of imagination based on fiction works depicted in the form of crispy narrations. It contains 40 stories encircling various moods of life including anger, love, humour, trust, revenge, happiness, comedy, sarcasm, mystery, affection, sportsmanship, friendship, thrill, romance and forgiveness. Though all the events/characters depicted in the book are purely imaginary, yet readers can easily identify oneself with most of them. Target readers will mostly include the young Indians – agewise or mindwise. The language used being extremely crunchy, it will also attract anyone who enjoys witty puns and sweet love stories.

Publisher Purushottam Publishers
Publication Year 2016
ISBN 978-93-85908-54-5
Book Category Fiction
Language English
Number of Pages 128

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