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Tribal Education By Dr. Sunita Acharya

Tribal Education
Author: Dr. Sunita Acharya
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Research in education has been perceived in diverse ways, sometimes in a manner consistent with current ideas in the social sciences and at times in ways that make it more utility-oriented. Research in education demands a complex mix of capabilities and resources. As an applied discipline, education presents a highly challenging task for different kinds of research because as a field of enquiry, education represents the interplay of factors belonging to discrete areas of human action. For educational research to be relevant to the system as well as to the larger community of researchers and students, it must be epistemologically inclusive and imaginative enough to draw into its orbit theories and concerns which have their origin in ostensibly unrelated sectors of social activity.
The book “Tribal Education” highlights relevance of research related to tribal and non-tribal education. This research shows the effects of study habits on anxiety and academic achievement of students at secondary level. The reviews of the study will help students and researcher to relate their study in the field of education, psychology and other social sciences. The finding and suggestions of the study will be useful for students, researchers and policy makers in the field of educational research or social sciences.

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