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Commoner's Manifesto (eng version) By Chandrajit Dey

Commoner's Manifesto (eng version)
Commoner's Manifesto (eng version) Commoner's Manifesto (eng version)
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Chandrajit Dey
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This book contains several revolutionary ideas regarding easy changes in modern economy without harshness to make society free from unemployment, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, polution etc. from every sphere. Here most of the problems of Government and Common man are discussed with all the logical solutions. It can change the direction of present social conditions by creating a loving peaceful and happy atmosphere all around the world. It is an extention of 'Welfare Economics' in wider sense, which combines Spirituality with most discussed Economic & Political theories without comparision, only taking the best of them to create a new one with detailed scheme of change - from Currency System, Government Structure etc. to the thinking pattern of oneself for imposing "Rule of Love". Here spirituality id defined with the help of modern Psychology and Physics. No 'Ism', 'Party' or 'Political leader' is opposed here in this book. It is just a bunch of several ideas to spread a dream of happy congenial society without hurting others.

Publisher Purushottam Publishers
Publication Year 2016
ISBN 978-93-85908-50-7
Book Category Non-Fiction
Language English
Number of Pages 100

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