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Attachment: A Collection of Short Stories By Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad

Attachment: A Collection of Short Stories
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad
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Attachment: A Collection of Short Stories

Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad

ATTACHMENT is A Collection of Short Stories written by Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad who is  a third generation immigrant from UP in India, now living in retirement in Australia after working as a successful Educator and reputable Human Resources Consultant in Various Pacific Island nations. 
 This anthology contains more than a dozen modern short stories that express the deep social and cultural attachments of the author in varied environments in the Pacific Region. The themes, conflicts, settings, events, twists, struggles and characters, in fact all the five elements of this genre, are all related socially, culturally and environmentally to the author. 
The style and diction of the collection are very personal to the author but conform well to the essentials of modern short stories. This anthology is largely a work of fiction but inadvertently reveals the real life experiences of the author and his varied backgrounds.
Despite these differences the readers will enjoy the emotions and feelings that are reflected in the stories that are original showing clear-cut battles between the good and evil. The readers are definitely left to imagine how life-changing events are affecting the protagonists. 
There are elements of mystery, drama, fantasy and romance to involve the readers and experience the attachment to the people, places and procedures. 
In short the stories have different attractions for different people. 

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