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Ananya Manishider Jiban Katha By Anil Bhattacharya

Ananya Manishider Jiban Katha
Ananya Manishider Jiban Katha Ananya Manishider Jiban Katha
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Anil Bhattacharya
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This unique, easy-reading book narrates the fascinating lives of twenty-eight of the most notable scientific-minded personalities in the history of the human race. Starting with Mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus and concluding with Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking, this book also delves into the lives of many remarkable Indian scientists and great Indian personalities with scientific thoughts. The author has plans to take up further similar research-based work on many more notable personalities in future. Between these covers, the discerning reader will be delighted to find interesting facts and figures on the life and times of these outstanding men and women (among them, Hawking is the only living person as on date). Each one of them has overcome gigantic challenges with single-minded focus, honesty, zeal and skill to achieve tough goals and earn their place in the history of mankind. Infallible principles and ethics formed their exemplary strength of character. Apart from being thought-provoking, these amazing stories of their journey through life are remarkably motivating. These stories would continue to be relevant in the everyday life of our children, and our children’s children. In this book, one can also see glimpses of how Copernicus and Galileo didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives to strengthen the foundation of scientific development, that later heralded sweeping reforms in the archaical human societies across the world hitherto infested with blind religious fanaticism and primitive superstitions. It is left to the discerning reader to judge how relevant they are in our society of fast-developing India, even today.

Publisher Purushottam Publishers
Publication Year 2017
ISBN 978-93-85908-41-5
Book Category Non-Fiction, Education & Reference Books, Research Thesis
Language Bengali
Number of Pages 452

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