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Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020 By Er. Ravinder Kumar Handa

Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020
Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020 Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Er. Ravinder Kumar Handa
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Reading “Leadership & Entrepreneurship 2020” is like having a lively talk with the author about the back bone of real management techniques & willingness of managers, executives, students, business professionals to change for better tomorrow. Scratch your forehead as you are guided through this book, open your eyes, & set your goals. The volume the author has tried to produce is quite different from what you will find in most of the text books on management. It is a recipe which not only management students should learn but it is for management professionals, practicing managers, top executives, CEO’s of companies, doctors, engineers who after reading will ponder as to where they went wrong in managing things & what course they should have adapted to set things right. The volume about career management, training & development effectiveness, techniques of interviews, attitude, stress management, succeeding in business, filling gaps between planning & actual execution, qualities of a leader, creating frame work of cultural change in an enterprise, the job, no leader should delegate, Tips to become an enterprenuer instead of working for others, problems of sales, fixing broken sales, how to become customer’s most trusted partener, how to become a lean company, waste reductions, developing suppliers & employees as extension of the enterprises, leading the change towards lean manufacturing, avoiding politics & resistance in lean transformation, Six Sigma, & so on. The author is a mechanical engineer 1947 born & has wide range of experience both in private & public sector companies, Govt. Departments from a very low to top positions & got inspiration to write this volume based on his 46 years of experience. For the time being, the author has suspended self judgement about the work done by him – in order to liberate himself from conventional expectations – from what the author thinks the work “ought” to be or “should look like”. Please comment what your heart says about the work.

Publisher Purushottam Publishers
Publication Year 2016
ISBN 978-93-85908-30-9
Book Category Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Leadership, Management
Language English
Number of Pages 260

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