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The Musical Journey of Kishore Kumar By Prasenjit Das, Suman Banerjee

The Musical Journey of Kishore Kumar
Publisher: Purushottam Publishers
Author: Prasenjit Das, Suman Banerjee
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Just Released! The Musical Journey of Kishore Kumar

Compilled by: Prasenjit Das 

Edited by: Suman Banerjee

Kishore Kumar, born on August 4, 1929 in Khandwa (present day Madhya Pradesh), never received any formal musical training in his life. One would have wondered how this boy would one day become India’s most celebrated & versatile, evergreen musical genius, to be preserved with fondness in billions of peoples’ hearts. During his career, he exhibited surprising proficiency in a wide variety of musical styles. Today, and for times to come, the name Kishore Kumar spells as a singer, actor, lyricist, composer, producer, director and screenplay writer - a true versatile genius. No wonder, the Kishore Kumar madness among the global musical fraternity is on a steady rise even after three decades of his departure from the mortal world.

This extraordinary collector’s edition on Kishore Kumar has been carefully handcrafted for the entire musical fraternity across the world, and even book lovers. This book is developed in a smart & easy way to enable anyone to find the details of any song within a minute. This book contains the list of all of Kishore Kumar’s songs as a singer presented in a very light and handy package for searching his entire creativity on songs.

Hope you will love this book. Please turn over the pages to explore his amazing musical journey.

Publisher Purushottam Publishers
Publication Year 2016
ISBN 978-93-85908-51-4
Number of Pages 178

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