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The Splitting Rays By HL Agnihotri

The Splitting Rays
Author: HL Agnihotri
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“The Splitting Rays” is a panorama of human life weaved with the velvety colored threads of simple words in simple language. The splitting rays, both dim and bright, are the reflection of author’s mind portraying man as a caricature of human sufferings imbued with the colors of his circumstantial shades. It’s the mirror of human life, the life which like a little child, is lured and pampered with the toys of human desires and dreams ultimately falling into the bowl of failures and frustrations. We live here in pieces with our limited powers which are being constantly sipped every moment by the all powerful Time pulling us with its jerks and blows to our final destination. With all hue and cry, man unwillingly leaves his cradle of worldly pleasures swinging with his hopes and fears. Some of the poems are coulred with the streak of greater sensitivity to the day to day occurrences going around, and are sure to strike the chord with the readers on that account. But despite all that, the fact remains that a silver lining is always present in the thick darkness of human pains and sufferings.

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