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The Unfortunate Kidnapping : Tales of Destiny By Pratima Srivastava

The Unfortunate Kidnapping : Tales of Destiny
The Unfortunate Kidnapping : Tales of Destiny The Unfortunate Kidnapping : Tales of Destiny
Publisher: Lifi Publication
Author: Pratima Srivastava
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The stories in this collection celebrate the journey of life - its different colours, its different forms, its ups and downs. Adversity unfolds with Ganesh’s Kidnapping, compassion shows off its power with a Dramatic Rescue, as Granny’s Angel Anindita discovers that it was time she swam against the tide, notwithstanding the Great Deluge that temporarily uproots Mandu’s family. The belief that life is a continuum and key to survival all along is to hitch a ride onto hope and optimism in the face of biggest of challenges; stands Mr Vashisht in good stead as he faces a Herculean Dilemma over a forced VRS, while little Samir struggles to cope up with gigantic Pebbles of Turbulence, not to forget little Yug's Destiny that takes a U turn much to his surprise and delight.

Publisher LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year 2015
ISBN 978-93-82536-69-7
Book Category Literature & Fiction, Short Stories
Language English
Number of Pages 229

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