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An Enigma By Anjana V Pai

An Enigma
Publisher: All About Books Global
Author: Anjana V Pai
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Vivacious Cynthia is torn apart by the avalanche of problems that come into her life, which may have been invited upon her with the choices she makes in her life. Her actions determine her fate, but left alone to face the problems that came into her life by decisions she makes tells us maybe that realism or naturalism may or may not be the results of our actions but one can prevent being slaves to our destiny. In this enigmatic novel we can see how Cynthia comes out triumphant in spite of her actions which led to a series of problems. Her love for three men in her problematic life and the choice she makes shows her victory. Karma as we Indians put it may be sobered down by our constant struggle to live and come out triumphantly out of the problems created by our actions. Society and people have nothing to say but to gossip about people like Cynthia.

Publisher All About Books Global
Publication Year 2013
ISBN 978-81-925690-5-5
Book Category Fiction
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 107

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