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Usha Rani : A Tale of Sense and Sensuality By T. Gopichand, D.S. Rao

Usha Rani : A Tale of Sense and Sensuality
Usha Rani : A Tale of Sense and Sensuality Usha Rani : A Tale of Sense and Sensuality
Publisher: Lifi Publication
Author: T. Gopichand, D.S. Rao
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Winner of FIP Award for Excellence in Book Production 2013 - Translations In this racy, titillating and controversial novel, Gopichand takes a fresh look at the perennial man-woman relationship and tells the story of an attractive, educated, young woman. Usha Rani marries Ramanujam and dreams of spending a wonderful time with him. But soon she comes to know that he suffers from nightmares and does not want the two of them even to sleep in the same room! She is hardly satisfied with her marital sex and takes lovers. She convinces herself that her affairs have only made her a better wife to her husband. Her third lover, Kamalakaram, shows up the double standards in society, one for man, another for woman, and says, 'Modern woman is changing… But man is not... The conflict is turning serious between wife and husband. Man is not lover. Lover is not husband… As man he insists there should be some regulations in society. As lover he rejects them. As lover, he says that there is nothing wrong in loving a woman who excites him, even if she happens to be someone-else's wife... As husband he opposes this view.’ Sexual nonconformist that she is, Usha Rani realizes that her husband will only have troubles on her account and resolves not to make a mess of his life...

Publisher LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year 2013
ISBN 978-93-82536-01-7
Book Category Literature & Fiction
Language English
Number of Pages 191

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